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His Story

Skyler has lead industry-disruptive technology and medical device companies for more than 10 years and is continuing his relentless pursuit of excellence both in business and his personal life, with Accanito Capital Group. 


At a young age, Skyler was enthralled with business, starting companies and managing large teams of people while swimming competitively in college. Fast forward to today and he is bringing his selfless leadership style to the beautiful Naples area as part of the seasoned venture capital team. 


As a Venture Partner, Skyler plays a critical role in connecting opportunities. He is relationship driven and understands the art to our technology niche; allowing him to convey the opportunity to participate in quality alternative investments that may otherwise be unknown. 


When Skyler isn’t working, he enjoys spending time volunteering at various organizations, traveling the world, playing multiple sports locally and nationally, and surrounding himself with fellow car and dessert enthusiasts. 


Skyler is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(574) 229-8653