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His Story

Accanito Capital Group was founded by Brent Seaman, longtime service and tech entrepreneur, survivor, top strategist, author, and keynote speaker. 


Brent is an inspirational leader and serial entrepreneur, building and leading successful businesses. With over 25 years of experience of driving results in successful businesses, Brent brings an expertise in startups, enterprise business ownership and management, raising capital, acquisition, culture creation, execution, technology, and an assignment from a higher power in helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential. 

His desire is to help people with the capital, skills, and resources they need to experience their breakthrough and fulfill their dreams - big or small.

Whether you are an entrepreneur that desires to grow at lightning speed, build for acquisition, or just build, own, and run a profitable lifestyle business. In all cases, Brent brings a unique blend of experiences and a toolbox of real-life experiences that helps entrepreneurs to thrive. His systems have helped our portfolio companies establish process and ignite passion to drive innovation and impact bottom-line growth. Brent’s goal is to help you drive your business to the next level – through solid financial backing, strong support and leadership coaching, he strives not only to help business expand and grow but owners and CEO’s to discover and achieve the greatness within alongside people within their business.


Brent’s systems and processes deployed throughout our joint ventures support you in all areas of your business. Most fast-growing businesses have road maps to growth however lack the depth in their bench. As businesses grow, complexity thrives. These are all distractions from your true end goals. Entrepreneurs find themselves challenged to break through barriers due to lack of team members operating with the same “raise your standard” motto and need their key leaders to step up and bring their best version of themselves to the fight. The leadership teams in our portfolio of companies have found a renewed sense of passion and determination from their team, as Brent and his team create mentorships and develop the working relationships with peers inside their organization. These principles are driven deep by Brent across Accanito Capital and all our holdings. 


A big driver of this success is the guiding principle, “businesses don’t grow, relationships do,” an obsession to invest and help people achieve their life’s goals as we invest in their dream. Brent deploys, coaches, and teaches the same principles across the Accanito organizations he lives out daily that have allowed him successful businesses and the incredible marriage and relationship with his wife, Jana, and six children, along with financial independence and the free-spirited life in Naples, Florida, waking up to God’s most beautiful creation looking out over the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. 



Brent is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(239) 778-7296