Working with investors & providing companies the opportunity to operate on an enterprise-scale while still actively growing. 




  • Capital For Expansion & Growth
  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • HR (Staffing, Compliance, On-Boarding)
  • Employee Development
  • General Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies & Teams
  • Managing Daily Operations
  • Shared Resources Across All Companies 


With much experience working with & creating start-up companies, we understand the difficulties one may face. 

Accanito offers everything a start-up would need in their beginning stages... We will be with you every step of the way to assure that your business is set up for massive success.



Sometimes all a company needs is a little (or big) financial boost. 

The majority of Accanito Capital's holdings started as a venture capital deal. Unlike most VC companies, we go far beyond just writing a check... Our goal is to not only help fund, but to provide your company with extensive value & resources. 



We have a history of providing our private investors competitive returns in exchange for the ability to use their capital. 

If you are interested in getting involved as an investor with Accanito Capital Group, please inquire below for additional information & to schedule a confidential conversation with a representative. 



If you are in the process of trying to sell your business - We want to purchase it!

Before you pay a broker to list & assist in selling your company, inquire below & schedule a confidential conversation where we can see if it fits our portfolio & discuss the potential of acquiring it.



Accanito Capital Group, LLC is a private equity group; a holding company whose goals center around driving revenue for small to mid-sized businesses experiencing fast tracked growth. Most fast-growing businesses have a solid road map to growth, however, lack the funding and knowledge to support the full cycle. As businesses grow, complexity thrives. Aside from providing support through funding, we step in behind the ownership and their management team to provide mentorship and human capital allowing companies to navigate around the complex issues that are holding them back from the next stage of growth. At this stage, entrepreneurs find themselves challenged to break through barriers due to a lack of supporting infrastructure; and fast growingbusinesses find themselves downshifting as a result of these distractions. AccanitoCapital’s funding, operational support, and industry expertise equips business owners with the necessary resources to maintain their growth strategy and sets the stage for a premium acquisition.


Outside of investing in a proven leadership team, Accanito has found that the two key components to a company’s growth are market need and the velocity in which a company can generate both inbound and outbound leads. 


That is why Accanito relies on a uniquely proven deal vetting process that consists of two key components. First is the ability to identify current market needs through our proprietary sourcing platform that provides real time buyer intent data (Buyer Intent Investing (TM), indicating which products and services are being searched for and needed in the market. In addition, we have created a deal sourcing network made up of lead generation and marketing companies that provide us real time data on what companies are successfully generating (high volume leads) and converting both inbound and outbound leads. 


Our buyer intent database provides real time search data and surge scores, looking at thousands of companies’ internal product and search data to show what products and services are relevant in the market by industry, title, and revenue size. This buyer intent investing model allows us to see what products are currently in market (based on search results) and provide insight into products and services that could potentially be in the market in the future based on real time buyer search data. 


Our vetted lead generation and marketing network allows us unique access into a company’s ability to generate both inbound and outbound leads, which we have found to be one of the key indicators of a company's future success and is often overlooked. The ability of a company to generate leads, in most cases, has a direct connection to its ability to grow. In addition, the set up and onboarding process with the marketing company vendor provides a unique look into how a company functions and executes. We believe how you do one thing is how you do everything, which is why we believe that the execution of a lead generation and marketing program gives us a unique look into how a company is going to perform over the long haul, showing us how they work together, with others, and ultimately their ability to launch and execute their sales and marketing vision. 


Our process identifies all the key components of a good technology investment. The ability to identify a team of people that cohesively work together, and most importantly execute. The ability to identify market trends and if a product is going to be receptive in the market. Most importantly, a company’s ability to generate both inbound and outbound leads, which is the key component to a company’s current and most important future success. 




We Want To Work With You!



"Accanito Capital Group has become a really strong investment for me. They work very hard going above & beyond for their investors and I have been very pleased with my returns. I would highly recommend them as an excellent alternative investment outlet."

- George Feurtado, Investor



Accanito Capital Group is about growth and progress on the entrepreneur’s terms. It’s about giving back, and it’s about progress. Capital investment is about the return. Accanito is about the return on human capital; it’s about helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential. Our sole focus is coming alongside the entrepreneur. In some cases, the entrepreneur’s desire is grow at lightning speed and raise additional funds or support, and in other cases it’s to build a profitable lifestyle business. In either case, Accanito is the structure that allows entrepreneurs to thrive.

We believe in culture, execution, and technology. We establish mentor ships to drive new innovation and impact bottom-line growth. When we assume operational control – we are fully invested in your success. Our goal is to drive your business to the next level – through strong support teams and leadership coaching, we develop not only your business but the people within your business. We believe relationships matter.


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